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English dictionary - Wörter mithilfe Umschreibung bestimmen

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Kreuzworträtsel - viel Spaß!

Beim Erlernen von englischen Vokabeln bietet es sich an, die Umschreibungen eines englischen Wörterbuches zu nutzen.
oder sind eine ausgezeichnete Lernhilfe. Teile von Umschreibungen wurden im Kreuzworträtsel verwendet (Quelle: ISBN 0 19 431101 5)

future coming after the present; the ... must always be uncertain.
sky the space we look up to from the earth, where we see the sun, moon and stars
illustrate explain by examples, pictures, etc.; supply a book, article etc with pictures or diagrams ...
author writer of a book, website or play; someone who create oder begins something
beside at the side of; close to; I would like to live ... the sea; Come and sit ... me.
preposition often placed between a noun or pronoun to indicate direction, place, source or method etc., words like in, out of, from, to etc.
sure good reason for believe; having confidence; you can do it free from doubt
treasure store of gold, silver, jewels; pirates hid their ...
corner position of the angle where two lines, sides, edges or surfaces meet; sitting in the ... of the room
magazine store for different things (ammunition, arms, explosive, tools etc); but it could be also a journal to read
soap substance made of fat or oil and an alcali used for washing and cleaning; you need it in the bathroom for washing your hands or body
temperature degree of heat and gold; to take the ... of the patient and measure it with a thermometer; to have a fever
nurse feminine person employed to look after babies and small children (nanny)
fence barrier to keep out animals or intruders; it is made of metal or wooden stakes or rails used round a field or garden
silence mute, no sound; condition of being quiet or silent; condition of not speaking, answering or making comments
meal occasion of eating; it can be a supper, a breakfast or a snack; 3 ...s a day
queue line of people waiting for their turn to buy something or to enter a cinema or get on a bus...; many persons together in a row for example who must have ability to wait for results

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