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Lerninfos für Jung und Alt

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Englische Präpositionen - English prepositions - Multiplichoice

The children play ... the street. im Sinne von auf, in (in)(!on)(!at)

The car stopped ...the cinema. - im Sinne vor, lokal (!at)(!by)(in front of)

... March 3rd, 2009 Zeitpunkt am (on)(!in)(by)(!for)

Ben is standing ... the door. Im Sinne von an, bei (!in front of)(!to)(at)(!by)

Let`s go ... - nach unten, runter (!downstairs)(!down)(below)

All the exercises were done ... eight and ten a.m. - Zeitfenster zwischen(!through)(!from)(between)(!by)

his film is ... me. - von, stammt von (by)(!from)(!through)

The man felt ... his bicycle. Bedeutung herunter (!down)(off)(!by)(!from)

We worked the whole night ... zeitlich durch, hindurch (!always)(!onto)(through)(!on)

She spoke ... her mother about her problems. - zu, mit (!about)(!for)(to)(!of)

They climbed ... the mountain. - auf, hinauf (!high)(!above)(up)(!over)

Ben does his homeworks ... any help. - ohne (!by)(!beside)(without)(!through)

We eat popcorn ... the film. - während (!Feldahorn) (!while)(during mit Nomen - noun)(!by)

We talked ... a lot of ideas at the meeting. - über (!over) (!with) (about) (!by)

Can you help me to look ... my book. - suchen nach (!out of) (!after) (for) (!to)

Kathy is ill. She needs somebody to look ... her. schauen nach, Fürsorge (after) (!to) (!for) (!of)

Lisa accused Sam ... beeing stingy. - auf etw. anklagen/beschuldigen (!for) (!to) (of - Verb mit Präposition) (!by)

Protect us ... earthquake and protect us ... thunderstorm. - schützen vor (!for) (!of) (from) (!by)

I have been ill ... last Monday. - zeitlich seit(!from) (!for) (since - seit einem Zeitpunkt) (!as)

How much do you spend ... coffee each month? - an, Menge (!for) (!by) (on - Verb mit Präposition) (!with)

Alina moves ... her new flat next week. wohin, in (!onto) (!to) (into) (!for)

We walked ... raus, hinaus (out) (!out of) (!outside) (!forward)

We walked ... the motel. raus, heraus (!outside) (!out) (out of mit Nomen - noun)

Lisa suddenly began to feel ill ... she was cleaning the toilets. zeitlich während (while - mit Subjekt und Verb) (!during) (!by) (!in time)

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